How can I have a more eco-friendly wedding?

How can I have a more eco-friendly wedding?

Traditional weddings produce a lot of waste. Often hundreds of pounds! Here’s how we can help you host a more eco-friendly wedding.

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Ditch the single use disposable cups. Rent glassware! Approximately 91% of all plastic never gets recycled, so choose glassware instead. Currently, plastic cups are not accepted in Portland/Vancouver curbside for recycling, and there are no local composting facilities that can accept the compostable ones. If glassware is not an option for your venue, we work with James Recycling and are happy to help you make sure the plastic cups from your event get recycled.

Serve your beer in bottles and cans. If glassware is not an option, serving your beer in bottles and cans will eliminate the need for plastic cups. Aluminum and glass are much more likely to be recycled than plastic.

Drink Local. We are big advocates of this and always recommend our favorite PNW spirits, beer, wine, and ciders for your mobile bar service, and our simple syrups are locally sourced from other small businesses. Drinking local helps reduce transportation and shipping pollution and has the added bonus of supporting the local community.

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Skip the bottled water. Friends, besides the fact that the bottle will likely not get recycled, the amount of energy and resources used to get that bottle of water into your hands is awful. Add on our water and lemonade station to keep your guests hydrated. Make sure you rent extra glassware for this!

Buy only what you need. A keg may sound like a good idea, but any leftovers after your wedding are typically dumped and wasted. Serving beer in bottles or cans ensures any leftovers won’t be wasted. Sometimes a keg makes sense, sometimes bottles and cans are the way to go. We can help you decide.


Make sure your empty bottles and cans, wine corks, plastic ice bags, etc. all get recycled. If the venue you choose does not have recycling bins available for you, we will haul away any empty bottles and cans to make sure they get recycled. And those wine corks and ice bags? We send them to Ridwell to be recycled.

If hosting a more eco-friendly wedding and finding ways to waste less is an important part of your big day, let’s chat! It’s important to us too.

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