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Let’s create a bar experience for your wedding that will have your friends and family raving!


Keep The Party Moving

No one likes waiting in line at the bar and missing out on the dancing and celebrating with YOU! From bar placement to beverage selections, we collaborate with you to ensure that everyone gets a beverage in hand during the post-ceremony bar rush as quickly as possible and the drinks keep flowing throughout your reception.


Uniquely You Details

You’ve carefully selected and personalized so many details for other aspects of your wedding, don’t let the bar service be an afterthought.  Need help creating names for your signature cocktails? Want to have personalized stir sticks? What about custom cocktail toppers?  We can help you with all of these details!

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Enjoy Yourself

It’s YOUR celebration!  Let us worry about how much ice to bring, what garnishes go with what cocktails, and how much everyone has had to drink.

Most couples spend between $1700 -$3500+ for our services.